I used to be depressed, had anger management issues, and social anxiety. I had critical parents growing up who expected the best from me. After years of getting picked on in school, I decided to turn to video games as an escape from real life. I had always been into video games but it was just for fun. Now, I used it as a way of socializing with people without being connected to them. I became addicted to video games. I would play one for hours till I beat it then move to the next one. I did end up creating bonds with people through screens. I would spend more time with them than my family. I never really got along with any of my family members growing up. My whole mindset was warped. My parents meant well. I just couldn’t receive the message the way they were sending it. I think a lot of people miss that too. They mean well in their advice, guidance, and lectures but they don’t know how to organize the information to get through to their audience.
Fast forward to college life; I didn’t have time for video games. I immediately had to stop playing or it would jeopardize my scholastic progress. I had one friend. He moved to Ohio during my first year of school. I had to learn how to be put myself out there, be social, and make friends if I wanted to excel in school. I realized this was a chance for me to start over. I could turn my life around. Turn around my thinking. Unless you are a genius, which I wasn’t, it’s very hard to make it through college without working with other people.

Today, I feel like a totally different person. I am proud of myself and my accomplishments. I want to share how I did this. It took me at least 5 years of paying attention to the way I walk, talk, and speak in public. I appreciate my family for who they are and all the unselfish things they do for me. With my newfound confidence, I was able to switch careers from foodservice management to IT in less than 1 month. I realized that appreciating people for who they are and surrounding yourself with truly genuine individuals enriches my life. Thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing with you!


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